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NEED SPECIAL PAYMENT PLANS? We are well versed in arranging unusual payment schedules! We will work with you and design a 'customized' payment plan that fits your cash flow. Payments can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, the Harvest Plan or the Tax Plan. Since 1989, LRI has arranged leases on almost any type of harvester that you can think of - beans, cotton, corn, milo, peanuts, wheat, rice, potatoes and cucumbers. We work with any type of combines, tractors, discs, planters, sprayers (pull type or self-propelled), irrigation systems, grain bins, haying equipment and more.

The equipment can be new or used coming from a dealer, auction or another individual. GET PRE-APPROVED AND GO SHOP LIKE YOU ARE A CASH CUSTOMER!!!

We only take a security interest in the specific piece(s) of equipment being leased - unlike your banker when he puts all inclusive language "everything now owned or hereafter acquired"! He will have complete control of your entire operation when he has say $800,000 worth of equipment tied up on a $200,000 loan and line of credit!